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Leonor was amazing. From start to finish my experience getting to do something I would never normally do was amazing. She was kind and reassuring and made sure I always felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Huge shout out to Erin as well for the amazing makeup. The end product came out amazing AND I still have my lashes.


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Had an amazing experience with Leonor! I’m a 41 yr old mother of 4 ranging from 17 to 2 yrs old. I was very nervous but really wanted to try doing this not just for my husband but mainly for me. Trying to feel attractive and sexy again after 40’s and kids can be extremely hard but from start to finish I had an amazing time. From make-up and hair to taking the pictures Leonor made me feel very relaxed and just had fun with it! And when I saw the pictures....let’s just say I was shocked! I never thought I could look like that. I highly recommend doing it....ladies go outside your comfort zone and find you sexiness again!


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Leonor is absolutely amazing!! From the moment you walk in the door of her beautiful studio in the comfort of her home, you are transported to a place where you instantly feel like a goddess! She makes you feel right at ease. You could choose from lingerie she has available or take whichever of your own pieces you feel sexiest in. She tells you all the right angles, how to position everything from your head to your toes, to get the absolute best, most flattering look for you! And she can even play fun music to suit your mood. Highly recommend!


Leonor was amazing to work with and made my boudoir shoot such a fun experience. My pictures turned out better than I could have hoped for and I can’t wait to go back and do another shoot.


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Leonor is an amazing photographer! I was very nervous never having done a professional photo shoot before, but Leonor made me feel very comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful. The session ended up being really fun. I am one of those girls that don't like pictures of herself, so when I saw the photos she took I was in shock! I loved every single one of them! She is amazing at making you feel and look beautiful. I highly recommend her services.


Leonor is amazing photographer. She takes her time with her clients and makes them feel comfortable. I was so amazed by her patience and compliments she gives you throughout your whole session. She brings out your inner and outer beauty. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


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Literally just got done doing my first boudoir shoot ever and I have to say Leonor made it such an amazing experience. As a women that is getting older I am extremely self conscious about the weight, cellulite, and wrinkles that have started to appear. Leonor made me feel absolutely gorgeous and when I looked at my pictures untouched and unedited I was pleasantly surprised. She helps you pose and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. If you are having doubts about doing one of these shoots relax and do it! You definitely won’t regret it!



I did a photoshoot with Leonor recently and it went great. I was super nervous, but she knew just how to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. The experience was amazing and the pictures turned out better than I expected. I highly recommend her services.


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Book a session with Leonor and you won’t be sorry. She is wonderful at coaxing out your inner goddess and capturing amazing photos. I highly recommend Leonor and the whole experience.


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I had such a wonderful experience with Leonor. She is professional yet so sweet and fun!! From the moment I stepped in her studio I knew it was going to be a great time. Just picked up my photos and they are gorgeous!! So happy.


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Leonor was so sweet to me! She helped me all the way with what to do and how to pose, I also felt so comfortable! Her makeup artist was so awesome too! Leo will answer any questions you have and she also took the time to even meet me before the photo shoot. I give her a 5 out of 5. I cant wait to do it again!



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Not enough words can Express how amazing this women is, and her work is beyond beautiful. Leonor makes you feel so comfortable with yourself, I was a bit nervous before the shoot but she had me laughing and made me feel so relaxed. it didn't just feel like a boudoir shoot. it was me stepping out my comfort zone and showing my outer beauty as well as in and she helped create magic a side of me that I now show to the world and I thank her for that. please don't second guess yourself about doing a shoot, with Leonor I promise you will not regret it. go for it this is something you should treat yourself to.


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Leo is fabulous. She makes you feel so welcome, and beautiful. She takes care of everything for you. The level of professionalism that she carries throughout the whole process is great. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel sexy and like a queen for the day.


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