Do you like yourself?

Many of us in the modern world go through our day bombarded with images and advertisements of “not being good or worthy enough”. Women have been led to believe by social media that certain types of body are more beautiful and superior than others.

In a world of increasing exposure where everyone judges you by the way you look, being recognized and loved for who you are is important.

Each of us is blessed with a unique body shape that can be appreciated by anyone. If you stop and think about it, when you truly love someone, you don’t demand them to fit in an ideal body type such as to be skinny, to have a flat stomach, to be 6” tall, etc.

Certainly, first impressions do depend on the way you look and dress. But more often than not, you can change people's impression of you with just your attitude and mindset. So why can’t we love ourselves just like the way we do unconditionally for our beloved? Why do we have to put off honoring ourselves the way we deserve? Why do we have to cramp ourselves into a narrow definition led by the very companies which pounce on making profits off us?

We are often the harshest critics of ourselves. Understand this, our brain tends to notice more negativity as a survival mechanism. It is not so bad after all, that after millions of years of evolution, recognizing negativity above all else sometimes serves as a shortcut to survival because it forces us to spot dangers and mistakes to avoid. Fortunately, the brain is able to stop the flow of negativity abruptly and switch to a more neutral and positive flow if we train ourselves. The way to do it is to be in the moment. One could take meditation, yoga, run on the treadmill, take a walk. However, honoring our body and spirituality can be done by being in a seductive and comfortable private setting where we can dress and move our body however we please.

And boudoir embodies just that. Whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, a retired, a widower, or a young woman, it is important to take a moment to honor your body and shut down the negative flow of thoughts about yourself.

Boudoir helps you see yourself within and beyond the physical self. After coming out of an intense work day, picking up children at school, or cooking a big meal for the family during holidays, every woman deserves a down time to for herself where she is the queen and center of attention. A boudoir session is an invigorating experience, both spiritually and physically. You are yourself in a world of no judgement. All the outside noise is silenced when it is you, your movement, the camera and your unique expression as a woman and a human being.Your body is a temple, your room a sacred place, the camera is your audience, your expression a divine asset. This is the time when you feel empowered and come out as a whole new being, full of love for yourself and others!