Last minute Boudoir Photoshoot


Hey there beautiful! I am so glad you are here, congratulations on taking the first step towards an experience that can transform your life in so many ways! 

So what are the Perfectly Imperfect photoshoots?   Our mission is all about helping woman realize that they are already perfect just the way they are.  The way we do it is by means of a boudoir photoshoot, where you can see with your own eyes how beautiful you are, right here right now.


-We are an ALL FEMALE staff

-The studio is located in Ladera Ranch, CA (close to Mission Viejo)

-You need to set aside 4 hours for this experience (all our sessions start at 8:30am)


What is included?

If you are chosen to participate, you will receive an amazing and transformative 1 hour photoshoot session, professional hair styling and professional makeup application for $49. (Price of our regular session is $300)

Are prints, products or digital images included?

No, prints, products or digital images can be purchased separately if you wish. Our collections start at $799.

Do you offer payment plans if I decide to purchase something?



PayPal Credit: This is a payment plan directly through PayPal. You get 6 months to pay off your balance with $0 interest. To see how much you're approved for go to

In-house payment plan: We divide your total purchase in 3 interest-free monthly payments.

Want to know their stories? Click on their image to see why they decided to do a boudoir shoot with Eleven by Leonor

Self-love is not selfish. 

Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way. We get too busy with our lives, our family & our job.

This experience is for you to feel that again… because you truly are perfect right now.

Are you ready to see how sexy you really are?
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